The meat virtuosos

at Hotel & Restaurant Jott wie Jäger

When your love of good meat is the order of the day – for example enjoying excellent dry aged beef

– then you have come to exactly the right place.

Our large selection of high quality meats is guaranteed to deliver exquisite culinary pleasure. How about enjoying Wagyu beef from New Zealand or Simmental beef, Argentine beef, bison, Charolais or American beef,
or why not try Japanese Wagyu?

Experience sheer indulgence

See for yourself just how diverse our range of award-winning meat is – before it is prepared and cooked – by looking at our meat maturing cabinet, before enjoying the superlative in culinary delight.

When it comes to the taste and quality of meat, both begin with how the animals are reared. We procure our produce exclusively from selected organic farms such as ‘True Wilderness’.

800 degrees

- At such an extreme temperature the meat in the ‘Beef Crafter’ becomes caramelised, creating its typical crust. The ‘Beef Crafter’ ensures optimum cooking conditions combined with maximum flavour.

Look forward to a unique culinary experience brought to you by the meat virtuosos at Hotel Jott wie Jäger in Wolfsburg/Sandkamp.


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We look forward to seeing you there!